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“Home is an inner state of peace, integrity, self-love and worthiness, reached by our own choice. Wings open wide, our self-love touches the world… and the world responds”.

Welcome to my website. I am Adela Barcenilla, founder of Inner Bio Balance. I work as a holistic coach offering individualized wellness services to bring the body-mind into self-regulation and balance in a natural, non-clinical way.

My background is biomedical research and education and I am registered with professional associations such as the Microbiology Society (U.K), the General Teaching Council of Scotland and the Quantum Healers (US).

I was born in the Spanish Basque Country, the beautiful and mystical green Spain. My interest in nature and health inspired me to graduate with a five years BSc-Hon in Biological Sciences and Microbiology in Bilbao.

I moved to Scotland, U.K, to work as molecular microbiologist and health scientist, investigating the links between the human gut and our well-being. I completed a doctorate research (PhD) in the field of Biomedical Sciences and focused my work on human intestinal microbiota, their genetics and the role of nutrition, prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health.

“The inner path to the divine spirals through our deep connection to nature and motherland. Water brings unity consciousness with fire, air, earth and spirit. From childhood, water can re-activate memories of cultures and species that once inhabited Earth in harmony, echoing a deep love nested at the planet’s core that can never be extinguished”.

In addition to my research, I hold a postgraduate degree in education with coaching. While living in the U.K, I worked in learning support in mainstream education and I deepened my skills as a professional coach. This role made me more aware of the connections between diet, drugs, behavior and gut health.

My intuition guided me to travel worldwide and investigate the holistic way in which eastern countries address human health. My interest focused on our energetic life force and the role of electromagnetic medicine to naturally support the self-regulation of the body.

I felt interested in complementary medicine after noticing the worldwide increase in gut imbalances. I started to practice new wellness approaches based on electromagnetic frequencies, medicinal plants/oils, functional foods and manual body work.

I’m extremely grateful to the countries that, so far, have contributed to my work: the Spanish Basque Country, Scotland, Canada, Dubai, the Middle East, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Egypt and the South West of England. My portfolio of services supports the inter-connection between the brain, heart and gut to benefit our health.

My work is based on the eastern system of the primary elements (water, fire, earth/wood, air, metal) that sustain balance inside and outside of the human body. A further element, ether, connects all elements and supports the balance of our spiritual body.

Following the eastern system, I connect physiology with spirituality and work with a complex network of energy centers, beyond the traditional western 7 chakra system. I correlate each energy center with different endocrine glands and organs in the body and with the energy vortexes within the vertical pillar of energy that runs through the physical body.

My purpose is to inspire others to bring the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies into unity with their spirit and hence, into inner balance. Once we attune to harmony, new challenges get perceived differently and we gravitate more naturally towards balance.

To work closer with the elements, I was inspired by the Native American Medicine Wheel, the Egyptian Sekhmet and Hathor’s teachings, the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, and the Basque country symbolic Lauburu.

All of these cultures honored the importance of nature, sacred geometry, geomagnetic fields, the four/five elements and their connections with the stars and planets in the universe. I learnt to unify the ancient feminine wisdom of these cultures and blend it with modern quantum energy-based treatments, my academic knowledge and my intuition to co-create my own unique practice.

After experiencing in my early twenties a near fatal car accident and an NDE, I do not make assumptions or take life for granted. I do not judge others. Similarly, I do not tolerate being judged or any form of injustice.

I believe in the language of the soul and the integrity of the heart. Soul language bypasses the mind, goes well beyond human words or the way such words are expressed, and it’s authenticity can be felt by an open heart. Soul language is universal, love-based and it has no second guesses. It’s integrity simply is, irrespective of how is perceived or received.

In my free time, I follow my research interests and my kitchen is my lab. I practice yoga and feel passionate about QiGong. I consider myself very fortunate for living surrounded by so many different cultures and for the gift of swimming in a turquoise sea every day of the year.

I am proud of the pioneering family life that my divine masculine and I have co-created with our joint effort, so far away from our respective home countries, and feel deep gratitude to the universe for all the blessings and genuine, supportive people in my life.

Per ardua et Astra. Through adversity, we return to the Stars.


  • Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences and Microbiology (BSc-Hons)
  • Postgraduate degree in Education with Coaching
  • Biomedical Sciences doctorate (PhD) in human intestinal microbiota with nutrition and genetics
  • Practitioner accreditation in the method of Bio-resonance (for doctors, naturopaths and doctorates of health sciences)
  • Certification as provider of Access Bars and Energetic Facelift
  • Practitioner accreditation in Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) hypnotherapy
  • CIBTAC diploma in Body Massage with Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

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