Mon-Fri: 8am-7.30pm

“The temple of our home can take us to a state of absolute absence, where feelings reign sovereign over emotions and thoughts through complete stillness. In this state, trying to make sense with the mind is futile as ecstatic energy reveals itself as it is”.

We often associate the idea of meditation to fixed rules, timings or certain body positions. Enjoying our own company in quietness, aware of our breath and the calmness of the moment, that on itself is the basis of meditation. If we choose to have an intention to connect with Source, God, the universe and breathe light as healing energy, then we take meditation to another level.

We can honor the vertical pillar of biophotonic light that runs through the center of our body in the form of electromagnetic energy and we can learn to balance it by acknowledging both the masculine, father energy (cosmos) and the feminine, mother energy (inner Earth) that we all hold within.

We can learn to work with different postures (lying down, seating, standing), various types and rhythms of breath work and even couple breath work with the healing power of making sounds like humming (bee breath), howling (wolf breath) or rough exhalations (dragon breath). Making these sounds releases beneficial hormones such as endorphins, oxytocine and melatonin.

Bee humming breath has been found beneficial to stimulate the vagus nerve and the parasympathetic nervous system, bringing us into relaxation. Ancient tribes like the Maoris have a tradition whereby they gather around an injured person and hum together for a few minutes to heal with sound frequencies. Bee humming has been found beneficial to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus (see references below).

We can also couple our meditative practice with visualizations, self-empowering mantras and slow-motion hands and arms movements, based on the ancient practice of QiGong: the art of working with your Qi or life force. The movements are very smooth and feel as if we are painting an imaginary canvas in the air but are extremely effective to gently move this life force energy around our body.

Moving the energy around the body is important for vitality, health and wellness but also for emotional balance. The better the life force energy flows, the healthier and happier we feel and the more connected we become with life in general.

What is it?

  • A 1-1 guided meditation to help you reconnect with nature and source energy
  • Advice on guided breathing and visualizing techniques to balance the five elements within
  • With ongoing sessions, a process to help you connect with celestial and earth energy sources

This is for you if you…

  • You want to apply breathing techniques as a natural way to calm the mind
  • You wish to add affirmations and deepen your spiritual connection
  • You seek a practice that makes you feel good and in sync with nature

What you will get

  • A sense of integrating the five elements within you in a more balanced way
  • Awareness of the ways in which nature, the five elements and our energy work together
  • Understanding the art of giving and receiving energy from nature to balance your own


  • 450 AED/ 45 min
  • In person or online via Zoom
  • For online sessions you need Zoom, strong Wifi, privacy and headphones with mic
  • Sessions are for adults, one to one basis only


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