Mon-Fri: 8am-7.30pm


I am a new client. How do I book a first session or get information? By filling out the website booking form with your details and sending it back to me.

Can I just call or send a generic message? No. You will be directed to make first contact through the website booking form and send it with your details. All fields are mandatory.

Can we talk before setting a first appointment? Yes. Once I get your details, I offer one free 15-minutes online consultation (one per person and on an individual one-to-one basis only) via zoom to first timers, with no obligation to book any appointment. It is encouraged to schedule the free consultation well in advance of scheduling any booking, so clients are well informed.

What are the timings for the free Zoom consultation? These consultations are Sun-Thu evenings between 19.30-21.30 pm local Dubai time. Select a date and time in the booking form and I will try to adapt. If your time is taken, I’ll give you options. If you are on a different time zone, please state your options so we can adapt. Please understand that this service is only offered once and if you require further time, you must book a payable consultation.

Can I bring a friend/family/spouse or my child with me to the first free online talk or to any appointment? No. All sessions including the initial talk are for individual adults only, one to one basis.

Is there something new clients should do before their 15 min free Zoom consultation? Please make sure that you have read all the detailed information listed for the service that you seek and also the full section on questions and terms and conditions. This will save both of us time.

Do you do massage on both genders? My massage work specializes on balancing the feminine body.

Do you do sports massage? No. I do a balancing massage. It is a soothing, somatic touch type of massage to release tension, repressed emotions and balance the feminine body cycles.

What type of products do you use for massage? Organic, non-allergenic products. I use grape seed oil as a base, and a vast collection of ready-blends and pure essential oils that can be tailored to each client.

How can you do bioresonance distantly? Because is quantum based, distance does not affect it.

Do you do bioresonance on pets? Yes! Animals love it. For pets, I only do online sessions. The price per session is the same. Pet owners should monitor the pet’s diets and lifestyle habits during treatments.

Is bioresonance a “passive” therapy of receiving energy, such as reiki? No, not really. The testing is passive, you do not need to do anything other than giving consent. But the treatment requires you to adopt lifestyle changes in your habits. Please refer to the bioresonance section for further information.

Can I do bioresonance “passively” (only to receive frequencies) if I don’t have time/interest to change my habits or do emotional detoxification? I don’t recommend it, as the client needs commitment to follow aftercare and home care advice. This is explained in the description of the service. While I respect the rhythm of each client, there needs to be consistency and commitment for results to build up.

Why are emotions so important and can bioresonance detect it’s imbalances? We often notice that the root cause of an issue it’s emotional. Bioresoanance is very accurate in detecting emotional imbalances at energetic level. I’m one of the few complementary practitioners that applies energetic frequencies to energetically detect and treat emotional imbalances, and also offers other supportive treatments.

Is it normal to have side effects during or after having sessions? Yes, it is perfectly normal as this is part of any detoxification process. It can happen during or after any session. It is natural to have: headaches, hot flushes, tears, belly rumbling, confusion, irritability, among others. Resting/early bed after a session is recommended, as it is to drink plenty of fluids rich in electrolytes to minimize headaches.

What is your approach to clients that get easily triggered? My only request to my clients is: “please don’t shoot the messenger”. I’m patient, do not judge my clients and can hold space for you. My energy is integrity based and can be felt. Similarly, as my client, I expect you to be responsible with your feelings and emotions, to own them and admit your triggers, so you can integrate better.

What types of sessions do you offer?  Coaching, meditation, bioresonance and BQH hypnosis can be in person or online. The rest are in person.  My work is based in Dubai, UAE. In-person sessions can be done in a professional self-contained studio in Jumeirah-1, or in some cases at your home for an extra fee.

What is the difference between in person or online sessions and what do I need for online sessions? There is no difference in terms of receiving the same quality of service. Some people value more to have a face to face interaction, whereas others prefer to have the convenience and comfort of their own private home. For online sessions you need privacy, a strong Wifi signal, Zoom and headphones with mic (for hypnosis the mic must be the one that stays in front of your mouth).

What are your working hours/days? Monday to Friday: For the time being, I have 6 allocated time slots: A.M SLOTS: 8am-9.30am, 10am-11.30pm, 12-1.30. P.M SLOTS: 2pm-3.30pm, 4pm-5.30pm, 6pm-7.30pm. Within these slots, you can book a 1 h, 1.5 h or 3 h session. These slots may change during holidays, and if so I will update it here. As BQH is 3h, at times I may run BQH on Sundays, please consult.

What payment options do you offer? Payment can be done in cash or bank transfer.

How often should I visit you if I seek progress? It is recommended to have consecutive weekly sessions, once a week, to build up progress. The number of sessions will depend on the issue and will be assessed individually. For bioresonance, after the first testing session, follow-up sessions need to be carried out ideally within a week. When follow-up bioresonance sessions are spaced for more than 3 weeks, testing may be required again as per the time and fee of the first session. For hypnosis, sessions can be spaced a few months, or continued when you feel that you have integrated your last session.

Once I’ve used my free Zoom, can I text you to consult further questions? No. Whatsapp messaging is used only to schedule/change a booking. For questions other than booking, please book a consultation or a session.


We do not take calls. First contact is done through the website booking section. Free consultation is offered to new clients via Zoom (15 min, free of charge) by completing the “contact us” booking form. Bookings are arranged by mobile texting (Whatsapp, Signal) once I receive your email with your details. For additional further information, you must book a payable consultation.

First time clients are advised to book in advance their free 15 min Zoom consultation before booking a session so that they can first understand what is being offered and then make an informed decision.

Before booking a session, it is the client responsibility to read the FAQ-T&C sections and the information given under “services” for the treatments, so that any doubts or questions can be clarified beforehand and clients are fully informed.

Consultation forms must be filled prior to any sessions. There are some contra-indications to having a session listed here: any illness, flu, wounds, infections, recent operations, cardiac issues or a temporal process (pregnancy, menstruation). If you had a recent immunization (less than 2 months ago). If you are on a medical treatment. Please abstain from booking if you have any of these contra-indications. Any of these contra indications means that your body needs resting, and the session needs to be postponed.

It is the client responsibility to notify me at least 24h in advance to cancel/re-schedule when you suffer any of the listed contra-indications for a session.

There is no guarantee of healing. These are natural, non-clinical, drug-free methods that support the ability of the body to detoxify and self-regulate.

The methods of inner bio balance are not offered as a substitute to traditional medical treatments. The methods offered do not diagnose disease or treat disease, only a medical doctor can do that. The services offered are part of complementary care. For any medical concern, follow your own guidance with a suitable medical professional, as stated in the disclaimer form to be signed before having a session.

Bioresonance is not a passive therapy. It requires the client to adopt lifestyle changes, to have continuity with the sessions and to be patient with possible detoxification side effects. This is explained in detail in the description of the service and reiterated here as it is important to consider.

Since any form of detoxification may give you side effects such as tiredness, headaches and irritability, it is the client responsibility to avoid any vigorous activity after a session, drink plenty of non-caffeinated fluids and increase your resting time.

Confirmation of a booking and payment option is required by mobile messaging (48-24h notice). Please state in your contact form your choice for mobile messaging (Whatsapp or Signal). Failing to receive booking confirmation by 24h will result in cancellation.

Confirm your payment option. Sessions can be paid in advance (48-24h) by direct bank transfer or on the day of the session by cash. You will be asked at the time of booking your choice of payment method. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you must send copy of the bank receipt by 48-24h to confirm your booking and avoid cancellation. Failing to receive bank receipt by 48-24h will result in cancellation.

Policy for refunds, no shows, cancellations and out of time arrivals. No refunds. Cancellations up to 24h in advance incur no charge, less than 24 h are charged 50% of your fee on your next appointment, no shows are fully charged. Early arrivals: please wait in your vehicle until 5 min before your time slot as the room will not be available and we don’t have waiting room facilities. Late arrivals will have their session reduced at their own expense.

We reserve the right to accept clients, based on what works best energetically for both parties.

Inner bio balance reserves the right to update periodically the price list of it’s services and it’s times.