Mon-Fri: 8am-7.30pm

“The most important tool in professional coaching is to transmit clients a genuine feeling of safety. In that inner knowing that all is well, precious vulnerability can settle down and express itself naturally as it is”.

We live in a society where we are constantly aiming to find balance, to find a way of being successful with work and leisure, with doing and being. Society rules, family rules and our own beliefs can have a deep impact in the way we treat ourselves and ultimately, in our health.

Since we can not control outside events, life may tests us in a way where inner peace has to be found within. When those moments of trials come, trusting that we are not alone and that we have an inner compass to guide us, on duty 24/7, is the most self-empowering tool that one can awaken to.

“My inner neutrality co-creates outer harmonious flow. In this state of contentment, both confidence and uncertainty, happiness and sadness, together have a joint value that self-feeds and expands my heart in a constant flow and at a rhythm that is absolutely perfect for me”.

Of all the wounds a human can hold, the deepest one is the primal root wound of separation also known as the wound of abandonment and forgetfulness. Separation of who or what you may ask? Separation of unconditional, non-judgemental love. Forgetfulness of where do we come from, where are we heading to and what are we supposed to do in between these two steps.

When we awaken to our true eternal essence, we remember the truth of who we are, behind a temporal physical body and society/family beliefs. This causes our central nervous system to calm down drastically. Our energy body shifts and our consciousness and perspectives expand. The main shift happens when we feel less judgemental of others, as we understand that it’s not us who are living their lives, they are.

Becoming non-judgmental of others is one of the most liberating, unconditionally loving life experience one can feel while incarnated. Our outside world is a reflect of our inner state -and not the other way round- and it has no choice but by energetic resonance, to gradually follow.

From this point on, life as eternal essence inhabiting a non-judgemental temporal body takes an entirely different meaning and purpose.

What is it?

  • A 1-1 self-empowering holistic coaching session to help you gain more clarity
  • Advice on natural ways to improve your life at physical, mental or emotional levels
  • With ongoing sessions, a process to understand how to balance different aspects of your life

This is for you if you…

  • You are feeling anxious or stuck in a certain area of your life
  • You desire a change and seek some natural support tools
  • You are lacking confidence and feel overwhelmed with a specific issue

What you will get

  • A sense of trust in yourself and your intuitive “gut” feelings
  • Tools to apply in your everyday life to achieve lightness and unity within
  • With ongoing sessions, easier flow to interconnect your feelings. emotions and thoughts


  • 500 AED/ 1h
  • In person, online (Zoom)
  • For online sessions you need Zoom, strong Wifi, privacy and headphones with mic
  • Sessions are for adults, one to one only


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