Mon-Fri: 8am-7.30pm

“Electromagnetic energy is an intelligent force that brings back to us a resonant match to our frequency. In doing so, it seeks to integrate the wisdom of opposites, creating balance”.

Bioresonance is a complementary, painless, non-clinical, energy-based treatment that helps the body to self-regulate and detoxify in a natural way. This has a general wellbeing effect. It is a drug-free, non-invasive method of electromagnetic frequencies, given by a machine through electrodes.

Bioresonance is not used to diagnose disease. Only a medical doctor can diagnose and treat illness. I do not diagnose. I use bioresonance to look for areas of energetic imbalance and apply frequencies to restore balance. Complementary treatments do not guarantee any healing since these treatments support the body naturally to self-regulate.


Combining principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine (5 elements, meridians, energy centers) and homeopathy (water has memory*), the bio-resonance method that I apply can identify, treat and attenuate person-specific energetic stressors. When the body is able to self-regulate, it becomes stronger long-term. *References given underneath.


Bioresonance is not just a “passive form” of receiving energy. It requires lifestyle changes to stabilize those frequencies. These changes can be physical: foods to avoid, limit EMF exposure, relax your mind, etc. They can also be emotional changes: ability to admit triggers, ability to accept coaching advice to process emotions.

“Bioresonance supports the body to maintain homeostasis. When the body is overloaded with stressors (illness, toxins, anger) this toxicity inhibits the ability of the body to self-regulate”.


The most common issues are intolerance to foods, heavy metal burdens, parasitic/bacterial loads, hormonal imbalances, discomfort, stress and depression. Very often, physical issues have emotional roots. For this reason, I ask clients to not make assumptions as treatment needs to start with the detected energetic priority, and follow gradual steps.

Consecutive sessions are advised. The length of treatment varies for each case as it depends on the individual levels of stressors, the ability to process daily emotions and the individual commitment to follow aftercare/home care advice.


Physical and emotional detoxification can have unpleasant side effects, such as tiredness, headaches, or irritability, among others. These effects are normal and part of any detoxification protocol. After a session, avoid vigorous activities and caffeine, drink electrolytes-rich fluids and rest as much as possible.

What is it?

  • A quantum energy treatment of personalized energy frequencies
  • Complementary, drug-free method that helps the body self-regulate
  • A non-invasive way to reset the body and get coaching advice

This is for you if…

  • You seek a natural method to detoxify and a lifestyle to alleviate your health
  • You want to remove energetic blockages or tension affecting a particular area
  • You like the idea of person-specific energy frequencies (based on your input) to support you

What you will get

  • A professional method to identify your stressors and get coaching on energy balance
  • A way to aid the body’s own capacity to detoxify, self-regulate and work more efficiently
  • With on-going sessions, a natural support to your immune system and your body cycles


  • First session: 800 AED / 1.5h (includes consultation, testing, therapy and debriefing)
  • Follow-up therapy session: 600 AED /1h
  • In person, online
  • For online sessions you need Zoom, strong Wifi, privacy and headphones with mic
  • After the first testing session, follow up treatment needs to be carried on within a week
  • When follow-up sessions are spaced for more than 3 weeks, testing may be required again as per the time and fee of the first session
  • Sessions are for adults, one to one basis only


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