Mon-Fri: 8am-7.30pm

“Self-healing starts by separating feelings from their derived emotions and thoughts.
This allows to see a feeling as it is: a self primal instinct, revealed naturally, without masks
or any man-made stories”.


Inner bio balance offers non-invasive, highly customized services that support detoxification and natural harmony. The treatments act as an energetic attunement to help the brain (thoughts), the heart (emotions) and the gut (intuition), inter-communicate.

Connecting the dots of our feelings/emotions/thoughts gives balance, coherence. By offering various services and delivery methods (in person/distant), I aim to give a space where my clients feel supported and safe.


Each of us has an individual stress load (toxic load) that fluctuates constantly due to external factors (diets, environment) and internal factors (the way we respond to our gut feelings and their derived emotions/thoughts, our beliefs and our level of consciousness).

These toxins can affect differently each of our physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects. Since all aspects are inter-connected within us, detoxification needs to address differently each aspect and be individualized for each person. With this concept in mind, inner bio balance was created.

“Feelings are nature’s calls, asking us to take responsibility for our emotions and thoughts instead of blaming others or absorbing their issues, and are gifts to balance our energy field”.


My intention is to inspire you how to discern the signs given by nature/our body, to help you remember your uniqueness and to self-empower yourself. Your work as my client, is to develop open communication within yourself as part of your self-love, irrespective of outside scenarios.

Through self-love and discipline, we empower ourselves to heal. Each person is advised the appropriate treatments according to their issues and commitment. I am the facilitator helping initiate change, but you are the one making that change happen.


There are not fixed rules regarding timing. Each client can integrate results at their rhythm, adding or not other supportive services. Complementary therapies have no guarantee of healing, the goal is to support the body self-regulate naturally. All services are part of complementary care and therefore, they are not a substitute for any medical care.


Coaching, meditation, bioresonance and BQH can be done online and reach you from the comfort of your home. My work is based in Dubai, UAE. In-person sessions are done in a professional self-contained studio in Jumeirah-1. Online sessions are via Zoom. For online sessions you need privacy, Zoom, a strong Wifi signal and headphones with mic (for hypnosis the mic must be the adjustable type so it stays right in front of your mouth).

We reserve the right to accept clients, based on what works best energetically for both parties. Inner bio balance reserves the right to change the price of its services at any time.


  • Coaching and Consultation: 500 AED/ 1h
  • Balancing Massage:
  • **Full body: 675 AED/ 75 min (includes consultation, postural assessment, massage, debriefing)
  • **Back, neck and decollete: 550 AED/ 45 min
  • Bioresonance first session*: 800 AED/ 1.5 h (includes consultation, testing, therapy, debriefing)
  • Bioresonance follow-up therapy: 600 AED/ 1h
  • Quantum Hypnosis: 1500 AED/ 3h (includes consultation, meditation, regression, debriefing)
  • Meditation: 450 AED/ 45 min
  • Access Bars: 450 AED / 45 min
  • Energetic Facelift: 450 AED/ 45 min

*Please note, after the first bioresonance session, follow-up needs to be carried on within a week. When follow-up sessions are spaced more than 3 weeks, testing may be required again as per the time and fee of the first session

Online sessions via Zoom: coaching, bioresonance, hypnosis and meditation; for online sessions you need Zoom, strong Wifi signal, privacy and headphones with mic

Online sessions require receipt of payment 48-24h before your session to avoid cancellation