Mon-Fri: 8am-7.30pm

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there’s a field: I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.” _Rumi.


Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a type of quantum hypnosis. Quantum hypnosis is a holistic, unique branch of hypnosis that was developed by famous American regression practitioners such as Brian Weiss, Michael Newton and specially Dolores Cannon, founder of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

Candace Craw Goldman, a close assistant of Dolores Cannon, founded BQH as a quantum hypnosis modality that can help humans connect with past lives or other experiences of your Soul, enter a higher state of consciousness and access their own Superconscious/Higher Self inner guidance.

BQH integrates our intention to find answers with homeopathic concepts (the healing potential of water and its capacity to hold memory), and the support of the client’s “team” to provide insights (Higher Self/SC, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters etc.). BQH can be done in person or online from your home, via Zoom.


Prior to a session, I apply my own meditative guidance to aid visualization, coupled with breathing through specific energy centers. I follow the eastern system of energy centers that goes beyond the traditional 7 chakra western system. I also include oracle reading as it has proved to be highly intuitive and supportive to my clients.

We infuse (charge) our water with natural electrolytes and energetically bless it with our intention for the session. We drink this water as it acts as a connecting consciousness and memory tool between our self and the higher realms. Water holds memory* and can assist our healing process. By adding natural electrolytes to the water, we facilitate it’s cellular absorption.

*For more information on the ability of water to hold memory, you can follow the fascinating research and awe-inspiring art works of Dr Masaru Emoto and Veda Austin. References provided underneath.


These preparatory steps are crucial to help you become at ease with your inner vision, relax your mind and central nervous system and deepen your breath. It is extremely important to re-hydrate and re-condition your body with increased levels of oxygen and electrolytes for efficient cellular inter-communication.

My guided meditation can help you get attuned to the tone and vibration of my soft voice, even if you are new to BQH. The oracle reading offers additional clues to support your intention for the session.


Once you have entered a very pleasant hypnotic trance with my help, a thorough exploration of your past (or other lives) takes place first. Your Superconscious/Higher Self selects those incarnations or lives from your whole library of records that are the most relevant to your current life situation.

Then, during a dialogue between me and your Superconscious/Higher Self, your specific questions can be thoroughly discussed and worked on. Your Higher Self will always select the specific information that you are capable to understand and process at any given time, so as not to over load you.


With the help of the recording, you will be able to listen to your session afterwards and integrate it at your own pace. For further integration, I recommend a coaching session one week after you had your BQH, charged as per any regular coaching session.

The frequency of receiving BQH sessions will depend on your own curiosity to explore and integrate different aspects of yourself, as you move through your life and your challenges.

What is it?

  • A quantum hypnosis modality that could help you connect with your higher consciousness
  • An opportunity to get some insights on how to move on with your life and decode synchronicities
  • A chance to reveal/heal emotions that may hold you back, with the help of my coaching expertise

This is for you if…

  • You want to understand more your life purpose and the difference between feelings vs. emotions
  • You have life questions and want them to be answered by your own intuition, not by someone else
  • You like the idea of listening to your own inner guidance and become more self-empowered

What you will get

  • A sense of getting to know yourself better with the support of a professional and experienced coach
  • Better understanding of life events/patterns, their meaning, their connection to places and people
  • A chance to resolve some questions, give closure to soul wounds and get wider perspectives


  • 1500 AED/ 3 h, in person or online (Zoom)
  • For online sessions you need Zoom, privacy, strong Wifi and headphones with mic
  • The 3h are divided into consultation, oracle reading, meditation, lucid hypnosis and debriefing
  • You will get a recording for your own integration and learning
  • A 1h consultation can be booked a week after your BQH, charged as per a regular consultation


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